This is RGB token official shop. The RGB token id is 1ded3a7f98d8407a67444575f8b85ac3d974f808dfdcc06a5ed7aa7eec973297

You can use RGB token to get RGB effects if the web support like

How to use RGB:

1.Create an RGB offer with any value.
2.Rename the file with RGB.offer
3.If you have kevacoin wallet just create a key RGB.offer with the value in the offer file.
4.You can also upload the RGB.offer file on to get a shortcode.
5.Open your or to see the effect later.
6.Everyone could use your RGB offer so it will be easily sold if you make a good price.

New shop building or All offer accepted.


100000 RGB for the event!

You can use 0.001XCH to get 2-10 RGB in this page at random lucky time.